Car maintenance workshop management program

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Send a link to a summary of the maintenance process to the customer via WhatsApp

Special forms for invoices

Data export

Data import

Customer follow-up of the stages of car maintenance

Car collection service from the customer’s site

Separate new spare parts from used ones

Employee data and their contracts

purchase system

Spare parts reports


Linking with a private domain

Introductory page (website)

Follow-up of the period of work of technicians on each car

Calculation of commissions for technicians and reception staff on each item in the invoice

Maintenance follow-up interface in maintenance departments (large screens)

Link with the accounting system

Staff salaries

Employee leave management

Managing more than one workshop of different records and financial statements

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ورشة برو برنامج إدارة ورش صيانة السيارات
ورشة برو برنامج إدارة ورش صيانة السيارات
ورشة برو برنامج إدارة ورش صيانة السيارات
ورشة برو برنامج إدارة ورش صيانة السيارات
ورشة برو برنامج إدارة ورش صيانة السيارات

     خدمة الموقع الإلكتروني من ورشة برو

ورشة برو برنامج إدارة ورش صيانة السيارات

Car maintenance workshop management program


The best program for: managing car maintenance workshops professionally

The car maintenance workshop management program, Workshop Pro, provides its users with an easy methodology in dealing with interfaces and effective features to ensure that the maintenance process is conducted in an effective manner.

Among the various tools currently available in the market in the field of car workshop management programs, the car workshop management program, Car Workshop Pro, is the best, most technically integrated, easiest, and most flexible in use compared to other programs for: car workshop management.

The car maintenance workshop management program, Workshop Pro, has several advantages that are difficult to list in one article.

Any owner of a maintenance workshop needs: a workshop management program to track the progress of the maintenance process, communicate smoothly with customers, issue pricing and invoices, obtain approval electronically from the customer, as well as view warehouse data, organize employee matters, adjust accounting entries … and other features.

All these features and more are contained in the Auto Workshop Pro program, in addition to the ability to communicate with the customer directly from the system via WhatsApp or SMS, with a set of ready-made forms for messages, including: a welcome message, a message regarding pricing, another for an invoice, and another for requesting a customer evaluation. ..

What distinguishes the car maintenance workshop management program, Workshop Pro, is also the ability to issue various types of reports that the management needs, such as accounting reports of all kinds, employee reports, reports on maintenance operations, warehouse reports, etc…

It also provides you with filtering and smart search features so that you can access the information quickly and easily